Final Words

James 5.7-20

Knowing that the Lord is coming, how then shall we live in the chaos of the various trials that we find ourselves in? With patient endurance. Waiting for the Lord, and waiting through our circumstances. Prayer will be an integral part of that. Prayer for wisdom in our suffering. But also prayer for others who are weak and have strayed, trusting that the Lord will restore them and lift them up.

Consider it all joy my brethren when you fall into various trials…how is that working for you? Are you asking for wisdom in the midst of the trial to see things from God’s perspective? Are you seeing it as an opportunity to grow in your faith? To take another step towards Jesus? It’s not easy. It takes practice. Training and not trying. Good news is…life is full of trials and opportunities to practice. Even when we blow it there’s always the possibility of making it right. Submit. Resist. Draw near. Cleanse and purify. Repent. Humble yourself. You can do it.

Remember the King is coming back, and when He does we will each give an account for how we lived our lives. Good news is…you won’t have to give an account for me or vice versa. We will all give an account for our own lives. Our choices. Steps we took toward and steps we took away from the Lord. So what you do today matters. Make it count.

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