The Joy of Suffering

James 1.1-11

Consider it all joy when you encounter various trials. That’s only possible when we see things from God’s perspective…when we realize that God is using these trials to grow us, change us, transform us to live and love like Jesus.

The trials that we endure are designed to purify and strengthen our faith, not destroy it. But that assumes that we are running toward God and not away from Him in the midst of the trial. And that takes wisdom. Wisdom to see God’s hand at work through it all. Wisdom to realize my need for Him. Wisdom to place my confidence in Him. Wisdom to take my eyes off my feet and lift them up to see the world around me.

The alternative to running toward God in trials…running away from Him can have a devastating impact on our faith. I think we all know folks who, when tragedy struck, chose to blame God and run away from Him. Faith is crippled if not shattered. There is no joy there. And some of you know that all too well.

Trusting God fully…putting our confidence in Him…and not in anything else. That’s the key to success. That’s the path that leads to joy no matter the trial. And if you are lacking the wisdom to see that, just ask God for it. He will be glad to give it to you.

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