Some Mother’s Day Encouragement

1 Samuel 1

Hannah was a woman of prayer, a woman of faith, a faithful woman, and a grateful woman of worship. Oh, and of course Hannah was a mom.

Prayer, faith, faithfulness, gratefulness, and worship…all things that are not just good for moms. They’re good for all of us.

Moms…you have the incredible responsibility of caring for your kids, and one of the most significant of  your responsibilities when it comes to raising them is the time you spend pursuing after the LORD yourself. You can’t lead them where you’re not going. So your training them up in the fear and admonition of the LORD is simply the overflow of the life you are living before them. That’s where prayer and Bible stories and taking them to church and your own lived-out faith come into play. Teaching them to worship the LORD just like you.

And Moms…as much as you want to, you cannot protect your kids from everything forever…especially as they get older. They will make mistakes, just like you did. So, take advantage of every one of those teachable moments while they are young. Teach your kids to be in the world, but not of the world. You won’t always do it perfectly, and your kids won’t always respond the way that you would have hoped, but moms, when you have done all that you know to do, continue to pray for your kids and be in the Word. You won’t always see the fruit of your labor…it may not seem like it’s “taking”, but remember…when they are in distress, when they are alone, when their worlds are crumbling…they will remember what their momma taught them. So be encouraged.

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