The First Four Trumpets

Revelation 8.6-13

The first four trumpets are sounded and a third of the created order feels the effects. God’s judgment is sure, but His mercy is still present.

Many these days go about their lives unaware or indifferent about the choices they are making that have eternal consequences. Like Pharaoh, many see God’s patience…His mercy…as an indication that if their actions have no immediate consequences, then they must not have any consequences. But they are wrong. God will deal with sin. It may not be today. Or tomorrow. Or the next. But eventually the day will come. And in the day of God’s wrath, who is able to stand?

The answer is simple…those who have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. Those of us who have done that…those of us who have trusted in Jesus need not fear the coming judgment. We are on the winning side. Jesus is our Resurrected King who has conquered death and satisfied God’s wrath on sin.

We live in uncertain times. The world is shaking all around us. The trumpets haven’t sounded yet, and yet we see our world fractured and coming apart at the seems. Almost daily we are reminded of how fleeting life is. But the fact that you’re still here means that you still have work to do. If you’ve trusted in Jesus, your job is to keep sharing your story with those around you who don’t know Him. Your job is kingdom impact. It’s to point others to Jesus.

If you haven’t trusted in Jesus, the fact that you’re still here is God’s mercy. Hang with me. With each trumpet blast a third of the earth is impacted in some way. But that gives two thirds of the earth time to repent. When you see how fleeting life is, how fragile life is…the fact that you are still here is God’s mercy. You still have time. But that time is running out. So don’t wait. Jesus is either your King or He will be your Judge.

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