The Lamb, 144,000 and Three Angels

Revelation 14.1-13

Flash forward to the end of the tribulation…the Lamb and the 144,000 celebrating on Mount Zion. The dragon and the two beasts may appear to be winning, but their fate is already sealed. Jesus wins. And all who follow Him win too.

The angels remind us once again that there are only two sides to this conflict. You either fear God or you worship the beast. You can’t have it both ways. Jesus is either your King, or He will be your Judge.

For those who have trusted in Him, who have responded to the eternal gospel…they will rest from their labors and hear the “well done good and faithful slave” of a gracious and magnanimous Master. The kingdom awaits.

For those who have rejected Him…those who have instead chosen the side of the beast…there will be no rest, but fire and brimstone and eternal torment.

That’s why sharing our story is so important. All can be saved. So if you have not yet trusted in Jesus, that all includes you. It’s as simple as admitting that you are a sinner in need of a Savior. Believing that Jesus came to save you from your sin. He lived a perfect life, died a sacrificial death on your behalf, and was raised the third day, so that you might have forgiveness of sins and eternal life and that you might reign with Him forever.

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