Love Your Neighbor As Yourself

James 2.1-13

Do not hold your faith in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ with personal favoritism. But love your neighbor…all your neighbors…as yourself.

We all have blindspots…areas of our lives where we simply don’t see it. Areas where our actions, attitudes or words may be hurting or alienating others. And so, as painful as it is sometimes, it’s good to be reminded of our need to make loving others a priority.

Living out our faith…so speaking and so doing…takes a commitment on our part to love God first. That means that we have to do what He says. Live life according to His rules. To walk in obedience…obedience motivated by love. Not holding back certain areas of our life as “off limits”, but being all in.

Some of you do a great job of making everyone feel important…of making them feel like they belong. Some of us have some work to do. But we are all in process, one foot in front of the other, headed to the kingdom.

James is writing to a group of folks…not unlike us. We too need to take seriously the charge not to show personal favoritism. And my prayer for us is that no matter the place a person comes from…cultural, socio-economic, geographic, whatever…they will be welcomed by us, they will feel like they belong, and they will know that they are loved. That’s going to take all of us.

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