The Source of Conflict

James 4.1-10

What is the source of (destructive) conflict among us? Well, it’s…us. Our pleasures raging war within our members. All of us looking out for number one. We all want to be the main character.

Of course that leads to some very ungodly behavior. And unfortunately when that happens, the church doesn’t look much different than the world. We don’t realize that our actions/words/attitudes/desires are tantamount to idolatry. We are choosing friendship with the world over friendship with God. Or we try to play both sides, but it can’t be done. We are either all in or all out.

If that’s you today, the good news is that James has laid out a pretty clear path from pride to humility, from friendship with the world to friendship with God. Submit, resist, draw near, cleanse and purify, repent, and humble yourself in the presence of the Lord. And He will exalt you.

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