Faith and Works

James 2.14-26

James’ claim that faith without works is dead is not a commentary on a person’s eternal destiny, but a believer’s spiritual vitality. We were saved on purpose with a purpose…to walk in the good works that God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.

It comes down to doing what God says. When it comes to various trials that we are going through, we patiently endure knowing that God is at work in us through the trial to transform us more and more to live and love like Jesus. And when it’s the trials that others are going through, we love them in practical, demonstrable ways knowing that God is working through us to love our neighbor to transform us more and more to live and love like Jesus.

Now let me make a comment here. If your faith is not producing works…it’s not evident to others that you have trusted in Jesus…you have one of two problems. You have trusted in Jesus, but your faith needs an overhaul. You’ve stepped off Torah Road, and you need to get back on it. Or…you have not trusted in Jesus and are lacking faith. Both are a problem.

I’ll finish with this. It comes back to wisdom. Hearing and doing. Believing and working. As believers, that’s the way we are called to live our lives. Trusting God fully…no matter what.

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