A New Heaven and a New Earth

2 Peter 3.10-18

Peter finishes with a final warning and encouragement for us to avoid the false teachers and stay on Torah Road…knowing that judgment is sure and Jesus will soon return. We are to live with the end in mind.

We don’t often talk about judgment when it comes to believers. We focus on whether or not we’re “in”, and pursuing Jesus is a good idea if you want to live the abundant life today. We can make it sound like a good but optional idea. But throughout both the OT and NT, there is a common refrain…each man will be judged according to what he has done, whether good or evil.

Now let’s be clear…when you trusted in Jesus, your sins were forgiven, you experienced peace with God, you were adopted into His family, you received the Spirit, you became a kingdom citizen…all the things that Paul talks about in Romans are true of you. You’re a new creation. You’re not who you used to be. When it comes to sin, Jesus paid the penalty for everyone of them. He satisfied God’s wrath.

But that doesn’t mean that you will not have to give an account for how you lived your life as a believer. Luke 19. You’ve been entrusted with a mina. And when the King returns He’s going to ask you how you invested it and what’s His return on your investment. Paul talks about our works being tested by fire. We will have to stand before our King one day, so what you do today matters.

We’ve talked a lot about Torah Road in 2 Peter and the importance of staying on it. But what if I’ve fallen off of it? What do I do if I am experiencing the “living death” of having my righteous soul tormented because of the lifestyle I’m choosing to live that is clearly not what God would want for me? What do I do?

And the answer is…you need to get back on Torah Road. It starts like it did in the beginning. Turning away from known sin. That may be hard…especially if, as I said earlier, you’ve developed some bad habits or addictions that you were hoping would numb the pain of living a life contrary to your new nature. That’s where “we” come into the picture. The Christian life is not intended to be a solo gig. It’s not just me, my Bible and a cup of coffee. We go together. We help each other, encourage each other, challenge each other, pray for each other, love each other. One of the best ways to do that is to get into a small group. Find some other believers to come alongside you.

We’ve been given everything we need to live the life that God calls us to…the Word and the Spirit and each other. God wants you to experience life to its fullest. He wants you to have a useful and fruitful life. It won’t be easy. It will be hard at times, but if you stay on Torah Road you can be confident you are right where God wants you to be. And what an entrance into the kingdom you have to look forward to!

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