Message to the Churches: Ephesus

Revelation 2.1-7

The church in Ephesus is good at Truth. They have a zeal for what is Right. And in the beginning that zeal was driven by their love for God and showed itself in a love for each other. But over time, their love has grown cold. They’re still clinging to the Truth, but truth without love can be very cruel. Definitely not what God desires.

That’s bad for a church, but it’s also bad for us individually. Maybe you know someone who always has the right answers…can quote the Bible chapter and verse…but somehow it doesn’t seem to impact their behavior. Grace has gotten lost somewhere in the mix. Harsh words and bitterness begin to set in. It can make for a very lonely life, especially when others avoid you. So what should you do? Remember, repent and do. Love is an action word. Start doing loving things. Don’t lessen up on the truth…just add a lot more love.

Some folks have the opposite problem. Super nice to people. High on the love scale, but not so concerned about Truth. That’s not a good combination either. If that’s you, then you don’t need to lessen up on the love…just add a lot more truth. That only comes with time spent in the Word.

The good news is that each day is another opportunity. To let our lights shine. For both truth and love.

pro rege

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