Guiding the Way

“And he said, ‘Well, how could I unless someone guides me?’” Acts 8:31

I was planning to write something about Peter this week, but when reading through Acts, I have often stopped here in Chapter 8. 

I love this passage of scripture. At the start of Chapter 8, we have Paul ravaging the church, persecuting Christians, dragging them off to prison. 

This persecution causes Christians to scatter, but note in verse 4, “those who were scattered went about preaching the Word.”

One such person who was scattered was Philip, one of the Seven appointed to ministry in Chapter 6. 

There is much we can learn from the text about Philip.

It appears from the text in Acts Chapter 6, that Philip met the practical needs of ministry by serving tables so the apostles could devote themselves to teaching and prayer. 

Here in Chapter 8, in the region of Samaria, he’s an evangelist. We are told Philip preached throughout Samaria, and as a result there was much joy in the city. 

Then in Gaza, Philip ministers one-on-one to the Ethiopian eunuch.

Later in Acts 21, we find him at Caesarea raising a family of four daughters who become prophetesses. 

I think we can see Philip as a composite of our own lives – a great example of how God chooses to use us in ministry.

Sometimes, we just need to do the work. It might mean cleaning tables, ushering, putting away chairs, cleaning the kitchen when serving food to the poor, among other activities.

Other times we may be called to share our faith publicly either through teaching or giving a testimony to groups or larger crowds.

Often, we are called to minister one-on-one praying for the friends, peers, family, school mates or fellow workers that God has placed in our lives. 

We are called to minister to our families, raising children in the faith, guiding and helping them discover their calling, preparing them for what God has called them to be. 

We have seasons of ministry, but Philip serves as reminder of what the Christian walk looks like, we go through our journey one step at time, season after season. 

And dare I say – maybe, just maybe, we may be called upon to talk to a stranger, that guy at the barber shop, grocery store or cleaners, someone God has placed strategically in our path to hear the Good News of the Gospel. 

Way back in Mark 13, Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would give us what to say. We can trust in the Holy Spirit! 

Our role is help others along the way, guiding, pointing the way to Jesus, and the good news of the Gospel.


Until next time… keep reading!


Sources used for this blog: Jon Courson’s Application Commentary – New Testament, ESV Study Bible


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