Genesis 46

A powerful moment in the life of the chosen family. The next chapter in the life of the family will open in Egypt. Jacob’s faith has been reignited. He has been reunited with Joseph who is back from the dead. It’s a powerful reminder of the love between a father and a son. It’s a picture of the love that the Father has for His Son Jesus…and the love that He has for you and me.

The long-awaited reunion between Jacob and Joseph is the climax of this episode. And for some of us it’s a reminder of a reunion that we’ve been longing for. Maybe you are like Joseph and time and/or circumstances have created distance in a relationship, and the reunion you long for is with a family member or close friend. I want to invite you to make a phone call or send a text. Maybe you are like Jacob and tragedy has caused you to disconnect from your relationship with God and from others in your life, and the reunion you long for is with your heavenly Father. Maybe you’ve disconnected from Him and are longing to come back. I encourage you to follow Jacob’s example…return to the altar, that place of spiritual reconnection and cry out to Him. You will find Him waiting for you and the reminder that His presence is with you. For some us, the reunion we’ve been longing for won’t happen this side of heaven. Maybe it’s a spouse, a sibling, a parent or child, or close friend that has already gone to be with the Lord. My mom died when I was two…and I long to see her. Take some time to process that as well. Praise God that physical death is not the end of our story, but is a transition to eternity with the Father. One day there will be a magnificent reunion, both with our Savior and with those who have gone before.

I love God’s promise to Jacob… “I will be with you.” That promise wasn’t just to Jacob as the patriarch…it was a promise to Israel, the people of God who were on their way to Egypt, a scandalous people that included both a Canaanite and an Egyptian. Praise God that He is still pursuing folks on the fringes, amen?

May you know the love of the Father and the constancy of His presence today.

Until next time…stay salty.

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