New Beginning

Genesis 35

Jacob’s spiritual journey reminds us of our own spiritual journeys…an incredible destiny full of promise and potential, a new identity, God’s presence with us. But somewhere along the way we generally find ourselves, like Jacob, slipping from the white-hot passion of following God to the lukewarm comfort of convenience and compromise. Sometimes the rebellion of wanting to do things our own way…to do what’s right in our own eyes, fooling ourselves into thinking we know what’s best. But more likely than not the daily grind and the routine of life quenches our fire.

Jacob puts away the foreign gods, purifies himself and puts on some new clothes…a new beginning. But there is a challenge to this new beginning…Jacob still knew where he buried the idols, and so do we. Many times we’re tempted to return to them. We’re tempted to return to the old life and many times, if not most, God uses the consequences of our choices to wake us up, to bring us back to our spiritual roots…to return us to Bethel.

Jacob was in a place of convenience for 20 years before he left Laban’s hacienda to return to the land. He was in a place of compromise in Shechem another 10-15 years. But both times, God showed up to call Jacob out of his complacency, to remind him of his incredible destiny. God was not giving up on Jacob. He was a lynch pin in His plan of redemption. God could have chosen another way…maybe someone less stubborn and self-reliant, less proud and deceitful, but He chose Jacob; and He was committed to Jacob realizing his new identity as Israel…His savage mercy, His fierce grace.

Some of us have just come out of a place of compromise and are experiencing a renewed sense of destiny…that God has called us to make a big impact on His kingdom right where we are. Some of us are still in a place of compromise and are experiencing the consequences of our choices…be encouraged. God is not done with you yet. But you have to put away those things that are keeping you from Him, your idols whatever they may be, and return to Bethel. Some of us are on the threshold of entering a place of compromise…don’t do it. Remember who you are…a child of the King. You don’t have to go down that path.

Some of us aren’t compromising simply because we aren’t in relationship with this amazing God yet. I hope you’re curious. I hope you’ve gotten a glimpse of His incredible love and relentless pursuit of you. He wants to give you an unimaginable destiny as one of His children, spending an eternity with Him in His kingdom through faith in His Son Jesus, who lived a perfect life, died a horrible death, was raised the third day conquering sin and death and crushing the head of the serpent, so that you too could have a new beginning.


Until next time…stay salty.

This post is based on our Genesis series. Download the podcast at: Central Christian Church Main Service, or follow us on twitter: @ccclancaster

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