Wisdom Will Come Into Your Heart


Thoughts About What We’re Reading…


This week we take a look at the Book Of Proverbs.

But before we do, here is a quick re-cap of the first four chapters of 1 Kings. King David is old and his reign has come to an end. Solomon has been anointed as the new King.

In 1 Kings Chapter 2, Solomon consolidates his position by eliminating his enemies – Joab the former commander, Adonijah who attempted a coup, and Shimei the man who cursed his father, King David.

Solomon would also send into exile the former priest Abithar, for his part in the attempted coup by Adonijah.

In 1 Kings Chapter 3, the Lord appears to Solomon in a dream and Solomon prays to the Lord for an understanding heart – to judge the people and to discern between good and evil.

This prayer pleases the Lord and He tells Solomon in verse 12, that He will give him a wise and discerning heart, the likes of which has not been seen before or after Solomon’s time.

So we read in 1 Kings 4, that Solomon spoke with such practical wisdom and incredible insight that people traveled great distances to hear him and gain from his wisdom.

We have placed Proverbs, Song of Solomon, and Ecclesiastes here in our reading plan, breaking away from 1 Kings for a bit, as we subscribe to the belief that they were written by King Solomon to a large extent.

Often called “God’s treasure book of wisdom”, the teachings in Proverbs guide us in how to lead wise, godly lives and how to avoid the pitfalls of unwise, ungodly conduct.

I learned a long time ago there are different ways to gain wisdom. We can learn through the school of hard knocks or we can learn by the study of God’s Word and His people; in conjunction with the experiences of the Godly people He places in our life.

The Lord is committed to instructing us, and seeing us grow through the work of the Holy Spirit, but how that guidance and growth takes place is up to us.

We can learn in the storm or we can learn in His sanctuary.

You have to ask yourself, would I rather learn in crisis, learning the hard way, or would I rather learn through the Word and the experiences of others?

And that is why the Book of Proverbs is so priceless – it has a broad, timeless appeal because of its great variety of subjects and their relevance to everyday life.

The way to read the book of Proverbs is to slow down and prayerfully think it through, one proverb at a time.

Reading Proverbs is much like savoring a fine tea or great cup of coffee.

To those who spend the time in Proverbs and heed what God has to say here, He makes this priceless promise – “Wisdom will come into your heart, and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul” (Proverbs 2:10).

Until next time… keep reading!


Excerpts for this blog were taken from the following sources: Bible Knowledge Commentary, Gospel Transformation Bible notes, Courson’s Old Testament Application Commentary

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