Exalting His Name


Thoughts About What We’re Reading…

As we continue our reading, we come to 2 Samuel Chapter 7.  Here we find David, well settled in Jerusalem and enjoying a period of peace.

As he contemplates his journey to date, his thoughts turn to the idea of building a more permanent structure in which the Lord could reside among His people.

David wants to build a “house”, a temple for the Lord.

It seems like such a good idea that the prophet Nathan readily agrees.

But the Lord, whose thoughts and ways are different and higher than ours, has a very different building plan in mind.

Even though it seemed the right thing to do, David was not to build a house for God.

Why? Because in Deuteronomy 12, God declared that there would come a time when He Himself would choose a spot in the Land of Promise wherein people could seek Him continually. We learn later that David’s son – Solomon, will build the Temple.

Here in 2 Samuel 7, the Lord declares He will build a “house” – a dynasty and kingdom – for David, instead of David building a house for the Lord.

Stunned, David lays aside his own blueprint and simply sits in the presence of the Lord, marveling at the amazing plan the Lord has just unrolled before him.

This serves as a gentle reminder of how easily our imaginations can be captured and our energies exhausted by what we want to build for God, when what He really wants is for us to sit attentively, witnessing what He is building so that we may marvel and give Him thanks!

Like David, we can have visions, ideas, and dreams that are biblical, spiritual, and noble—but that are not right.

And, like Nathan, we can say to others, “That’s a great idea! Go for it!” without seeking the Lord.

How important it is that we be those who say, “Lord, I’ve got lots of ideas, plans, and dreams. I’ve got all kinds of ways to accomplish big things for Your glory—but only if they’re part of Your plan.”

God established His covenant with Israel not only to redeem a people for Himself, but to make a name for Himself so other peoples could turn to Him.

What David wanted most of all was that God’s name would be exalted forever through all He did for David’s house – his dynasty and kingdom.

Seeing the Lord receive His proper glory had long been on David’s heart – as we learned when reading through the latter verses in 1 Samuel 17.

In this amazing promise to David in 2 Samuel 7, the earlier promise to Abraham (Gen. 12:1–3) is gathered up and refocused.

And in a far grander sense all these promises are gathered up and finally fulfilled in Jesus – Son of David, Son of God, the head crushing Seed of the Woman.

Until next time… keep reading!


Excerpts taken directly from: Gospel Transformation Bible, Bible Knowledge Commentary, HCSB Study Bible, Courson Application OT Commentary

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