Thoughts About What We’re Reading…

Holy is the Lamb – Lent 2014

We did it!  We finished another book – Exodus. God has delivered His people, made a covenant, and established a theocracy. We have the Sabbath, the Law (which included the Ten Commandments), and the Tabernacle. As the book comes to an end, God is with the nation of Israel, His chosen people.  He is guiding them on to the promised land, as part of the promise given to Abraham back in Genesis 15.

Today we began the Book of Leviticus.  I like that we are we starting this book as we begin our season of Lent in preparation of the upcoming Easter celebration.

Leviticus deals with the severity of sin and God’s grace. “You shall be holy, for I the Lord your God am holy.” (Leviticus 19:2) NASB

The writer of Hebrews relied on the images of Leviticus in describing the person and role of Jesus Christ: the sacrifice, priesthood, and the Day of Atonement (Hebrews 4:14–10:18).

In Leviticus, we learn how it is God’s desire that His holiness be reflected in the life of His covenant people Israel. Studying Leviticus gives us a deeper devotion to Jesus Christ, a stronger worship of God, and a better understanding of daily Christian living.

The Gospel Transformation Bible describes it like this:

“In order to read Leviticus well we must therefore remember these two things:(1) the many ways that Jesus has become the far greater priest who intercedes for us on the basis of his perfect and far greater atoning sacrifice; and (2) that obedience to God’s law is not meant to earn his salvation but to be an appropriate response to the salvation he has so richly provided.”

As we read through Leviticus, during this Lent season, let’s focus on how every offering and sacrifice gives us understanding of the price Jesus (the Lamb of God) paid, that we might be forgiven, consecrated, and separated.

Holy is the Lamb!

Until next time…keep reading…

2 thoughts on “Thoughts About What We’re Reading…

  1. Jim ,
    Can you explain Lent to me . What is it meaning when people are giving something up till Easter and why ? Lol sorry but I’m not completely understanding . Also every weekend we have had something to do after church and again this Sunday but save our seats we’ll be back next Sunday .
    Val and Eric

  2. (2) that obedience to God’s law is not meant to earn his salvation but to be an appropriate response to the salvation he has so richly provided.”

    I haven’t thought about or considered the above quote. Now as I reflect on the quote I see how true the statement is. As I try to do the right thing, like Paul tried but failed by his own confession, I fall further from the idea that I can obey the law. I realize more and more that I must depend on Christ. I know there is nothing I can do; Christ has paid it all.

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